Advanced Packing Techniques

Here at Jenkins Brothers Removals we go to great length to ensure that our packing and moving staff are trained and mentored to utilise the safest and most efficient packing and moving methods to maximise the protection of your belongings. 

Our aim is to provide the utmost care and protection of your personal and household effects. As such, we employ the most up to date and specifically designed packaging materials and techniques in the moving industry.

Professional Packing Materials

Jenkins Brothers removals use a wide range of packaging materials specifically designed for the packing and protection of your personal and household belongings. We protect items such as china, plastics and books in paper before stowing in cartons. We wrap each individual item such as glassware with tissue and paper. Where recommended or requested, items are placed in corrugated cardboard tubes. Items are packed together in a specifically sized removal carton.

Packing and Moving Flat Screen TVs

Before moving flat screen TVs, they are shape wrapped with tuff wrap, then placed inside a special flat screen TV carton with polystyrene inserts for maximum stability and protection.

Packing Clothes

Clothes are placed flat into clothing cartons. Clothes can remain on their hangers and the arms are folded in, or remain on their hangers in a port-a-robe to avoid creasing and allow easy relocation of your wardrobe items.

Bed & Settee Protection

Mattresses and bases are placed inside heavy-gauge plastic mattress bags. Lounge suites are placed inside heavy-gauge plastic lounge bags. Mattress bags ensure your mattresses remain clean and dust-free.